1901 Fire Chief Full-Time   Matthew Shelton
1911 Assistant Chief  Part-Time Joseph Gardner
1921 Volunteer Division Chief Volunteer Brian Patterson
Full-Time Staff
1902 District Captain Full-Time Steven Clark
1913 A-Shift Lieutenant Full-Time Robert Cutchins
1914 A-Shift Firefighter II / EMT Full-Time John Gruber
1923 B-Shift Lieutenant Full-Time Matthew Tweed
1924 B-Shift Firefighter II / EMT Full-Time Brandon Latak
1933 C-Shift  Lieutenant Full-Time Justin Haskins
1934 C-Shift Firefighter II / EMT Full-Time Richard Presley
1904  Firefighter/ Eng Volunteer Donald Colbath
1906  Firefighter  Volunteer Aubriana Van Horn
1908 Swiftwater Rescue Volunteer Lucas Evans
1915  Firefighter II / EMT Volunteer Jason Ayers
1916  Firefighter II / AEMT  Volunteer Kevin Tipton
1935  Firefighter II / EMT Volunteer Sarah Shelton
1936  Firefighter II / EMT Volunteer Jarrett Myers
1938 Firefighter II / EMT Volunteer Zach Hart
1955 Firefighter II / EMT-P Volunteer Roger Banks
Part-Time Staff
1925 Firefighter II  / EMT Part-Time Matthew Papay
1926 Firefighter II / EMT Part-Time Matthew Ruff
1928 Firefighter  II / AEMT Part-Time Dorralynn Robinson
1945 Firefighter II / AEMT Part-Time Jacob Bishop
1974 Chaplin Auxillary Dean Haney
1975 Support Auxillary Sheila Patterson


Board Members

Chris Shirlin President
Bobby Roberts Vice President
Kathy Treadway Treasurer
Kristy Holister Secretary
Rob Cutchins  
Roger Banks  
Don Colbath  


Where to Find Us:

French Broad Vol. Fire Rescue Inc.
572 Fletcher Martin Rd

Alexander, NC 28701

Phone: 828 683-3651

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You can now get your burning permit online!!!!!

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Member Email

French Broad Fire and Rescue is proud to announce that we have partnered with Columbia Southern University to provide our fighters the opportunity to obtain there Associate's Degree in Fire science through the CSU Learning Partnership. Thank You Columbia Southern for your partnership.

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